Monday, July 6, 2015

Synthetic Turf: Is Your Stadium Ready for Next Season?

Is your turf ready for some football? Synthetic turf is a popular choice for sports, with more than 11,000 synthetic turf sports fields currently in use throughout the United States according to the Synthetic Turf Council. But is your turf ready for some football?

Synthetic turf has many advantages, including saving you anywhere from 500,000 to one million gallons of water each year, but you also want your turf to look good in the long run. Americhem has created solutions to help synthetic turf last longer and look better after years of wear and tear.

Effects of Weather on Synthetic Turf

Just like grass, synthetic turf has to deal with the elements. Most turf fields are warranted for between eight and 10 years, but weather and general use can greatly affect the quality of your field and cause your turf to fade prematurely. Weathering factors include:
    Americhem can provide solutions that will improve the look and durability of your synthetic turf.
  • Radiant energy from sunlight
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Humidity
  • Oxidation
  • Rainfall
  • Particulate and gaseous contaminants
  • Stress

How Americhem Makes Synthetic Turf Last Longer

To improve a product, you need to test it, which is why Americhem has thoroughly tested the impact of the environment on the durability of turf systems. Through our research, we’ve been able to develop custom color masterbatches, with additives that help protect turf against the threat of UV light and oxidation.

Even after coming up with solutions that will offer superior colorfastness, color consistency, and long-term durability, our research isn’t done yet. Americhem’s central analytical department continues to perform tests to continue to improve our synthetic turf solutions.

Improve Your Turf Today

Americhem is more than just a supplier for the turf industry. We partner with you and fully integrate into your processes to help you enhance your existing products and bring them to market faster. Give us a call at 1-800-228-3476 or contact us online today to see the benefits of working with Americhem for yourself.

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