Friday, May 1, 2015

Swiftwick and Solution Dye Advantages

“Everybody wins when you use solution dyed products.” Mark Cleveland, CEO, Elicit Brands.

For nearly 30 years, Americhem has been perfecting the coloring of solution dyed fiber. The advantages of solution dyeing offer environmental, manufacturing and performance advantages over post dyed fibers.

Companies using solution dyed yarns are thrilled with the results. Elicit Brands uses solution dyed fibers in their popular Swiftwick® athletic socks. Elicit wanted a material that would keep their products looking new and durable, as well as having reliable lot-to-lot consistency. This was achieved by partnering with Americhem to take their products to the next level. 

At Americhem, we are the leaders in solution dyed color. Our scientists have dedicated years of research to perfecting our products to achieve the very best solution dyed fiber.

As Americhem’s Vaman Kulkarni, Ph.D., global business development director, remarked, “A well designed masterbatch is the key to a successful solution dyed product and Americhem masterbatches lead to environmentally friendly color with performance.”

Could solution dyed fiber be the answer for your products? Contact us today to find out.

*Since this post, Mark Cleveland has stepped down as CEO of Elicit Brands. Chuck Smith is now the President of Elicit Brands.

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