Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Americhem, Vi-Chem Partnership Solves Customers Toughest Challenges

Americhem was surprised and honored when we learned that our acquisition of Vi-Chem was one of the 20 most popular stories in Plastics News so far in 2016. It certainly was big news for the Americhem Group of companies, but we’re pleased to know that this news was popular with the plastics community in general.

The acquisition of Vi-Chem was a very strategic one for our company. Each firm shares the automotive industry as one of the core pillars of our business. Since Vi-Chem makes compounds based on PVC and elastomers, we felt that their product line was both complementary and supplementary to Americhem’s color and additive masterbatch products. One of the big factors that convinced us that Vi-Chem was the right fit was the shared core values and principles. We continue to marvel at the similarities between employees of both companies. Both are very customer focused problem solvers that thrive on creating solutions to our customers’ toughest challenges.

Our two companies have achieved a lot in the five months since we joined together. We’ve gone through cultural and leadership assimilation programs and we’ve set goals and objectives for 2017. We’ve started to achieve many of the synergies between the companies that we envisioned back in March when the acquisition was made. These are things like purchasing power, research and development teamwork and the opening of new markets shared by Americhem and Vi-Chem.

Vi-Chem personnel have worked with Americhem’s international team to bring their products to new markets. We’ve held meetings with all of our customers and suppliers since the acquisition and they all have been very positive. We’ve also explored the possibility of creating unique product offerings to customers outside of the automotive industry.

This has been an exciting year for Americhem and Vi-Chem, and we’re looking forward to all the possibilities that our future together might bring. The people of both companies share a similar dedication, open mindedness and competitive spirit. And, when combined with our other sister company, Infinity LTL Engineered Compounds, the Americhem Group of companies offers a special collection of products and services for the global polymer industry. Stay tuned as we continue to grow together to help solve your toughest challenges.

Scott Blanchard
Corporate Marketing & Communications Manager

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